There are many reasons why you remodel your space. Whether you renovate your house to make it feel like home or you remodel to sell, you should ask yourself some fundamental questions. Here are the 6 important questions to ask before entering to remodeling process!

1.What is the purpose of your renovation?

This question might seem so general but your answer to this question will lead you to the kind of renovation you want. It is important to think long term when you remodel but it depends on your purpose as well. Are you renovating to add values to your property in order to sell or you want to make your space cozier and more comfortable according to your needs and taste!

2.How much do you have to spend?

It is important to budget and always be ready for at least 10 percent more to spend in case of the rise in materials cost or mistakes that happens!

3.what is your priority?

Try to have a checklist and list all the important changes you want to do while you remodeling so you can manage to not go off budget! Do you really need to change the whole kitchen or a change in your backsplash or an upgrade to your kitchen appliances is enough so you can save some money do do more changes in other parts of the house or your space.

4.How are you gonna make use of your spaces and rooms ?

How you want your rooms function will give you insights on the style you choose while remodeling. Do you have enough storage in your bedrooms or cupboards in your kitchen? go through each space in your house and think what kind of storage solution you need for each of them.

Newly Renovated Bedroom Closet

5.what is your style?

If you renovate your space to make it feel like home, then you should incorporate some personal touch to it. If you are unsure about the design you can search online or consult with a designer or an architect to make sure you get the most out of your remodeling process result.

these 5 important questions help you navigate your renovation process before your start remodeling, so make sure to prepare your checklist with the relevant questions before entering to your next project.

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