Everyone struggles to have more space in their homes. A well designed Basement according to need of family is what everyone wishes for. Although Basement remodeling is time and money consuming, it can add value to your property and offer you more comfort as an extra space to your home! The first step to start a basement renovation is to consider the usage of it. It is important to decide how you want to use your basement then you can draft your detailed basement floor plan.

Important steps to keep in mind before officially start remodeling your basement

Basement inspection

Look for sign of moisture

Electrical and pluming needs


Walls and drywall

How to finish a basement ?

Aside from the style you choose to remodel your basement which is affected directly by your needs, there are three main parts to finish:

Walls insulation and framing are the two basic factors when you do your walls, while remodeling your basement, then utilities, drywall and paint are next in the process.

Ceiling There are three options to do your ceiling while renovating your space. Drop ceiling, Drywall or leaving it with original look as industrial.

Drop ceiling is installation of second ceiling below structural ceiling that allows you easily access any utilities above them.

Open ceiling gives your an industrial look and is one of the easiest way to access any utilities. However, if you are not fan of seeing beams and structures you can give it a nice look with painting the ceiling especially with darker colors.

Industrial Ceiling colored with dark shades

Floors Subflooring and flooring are the two steps to finish your basement floor. Chances are your basement floor is already a slab of cement and it helps with dryness and comfort. For your flooring you can follow instruction on your purchased flooring type or ask the experts to do it.

In our next blog we are going to give you more ideas about basement remodeling here in Toronto!

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