Many people count basements as bonus space that could create extra rooms for storage, Guest room or TV room. If you are looking for renovating your basement but don’t know where to start! Today is the day to pick up ideas from this blog for your makeovers. We are going to address ideas related to basement renovation here in Toronto.

Transformation to Guest Suite

By adding a separate entry to your basement you can add value to your property while making over your basement. Your renovation plan depends on how big your space is and by incorporation of a bathroom and kitchen you can transform it into a rentable suite as well. There are tips on how you can use every square inch of your basement space and create multi-functional lower level.

Guest room transformation

Basement Bars and storage

If you are in need of storage, you can get ideas how to turn your basement in to a relax lounge and bar by using built in storage on the walls. wine displays, a counter or an island allow you to separate the bar from lounge style living space give you both necessary area to store your belongings and an entertaining bar style basement.

bar lounge in lower level space

Home Theatre Basement

Since it’s in your home_ your home theatre can be as comfortable as you would like .Your home movie Theatre doesn’t need to be like a dark cave. Elegant leather chairs, blackout curtains and some artworks can give your basement a top notch interior design.

lighting solution for home theatre

You can also combine your your home theatre with a game room and bar so the whole family would enjoy their time downstairs.

Basement lighting options

Lighting the lower level of your home can be a challenge. In many cases the basement does not get much natural light so its best that you predict a light plan right after you decide to remodel your space. Right lighting will make your space more inviting and pleasant.

Light Plan

The first thing to consider in your light plan is the function of your lighting. According to what will happen in your basement you can plan your lighting then you can add some mood by adding different type of lighting to the space you create.

Lighting Types

Task lighting : to illuminate an specific element like a pendant light on top of your bar.

Ambient or all over lighting : these lights are designed to illuminate the whole space like ceiling lights or track lightings.

Indirect lighting : mostly used to highlight a part of architecture or imply a mood.

If your place is already remodeled you can place lighting by cutting holes in the ceiling. Relocating electrical wiring is a job, you should leave to experts of the field.

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