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Bathroom remodelling idea to consider

Considering an entire upgrade of your bathroom? Or changing ups a single element? Whatever the reason may be, there are so many ways to refresh your bathroom design and décor, but it is hard to know where to start? We show you some simple bathroom remodelling ideas to consider.

Remodelling a home bathroom averages a 60%-65% return on investment, while some homeowners report recouping over 100%. How can you turn your bathroom into a top contender? Go beyond the standard and add unique features that will stand out to buyers-features they never know they wanted and won’t want to live without.

  1. Statement tub

Tubs are pretty basic and often left out of remodelling plans except to be replaced by saunas for large, modern showers. This neglected canvas is a big opportunity to make a statement. You can apply panels, tiles or veneers to complement your theme and luxury. Accomplish looks as sophisticated as white beadboard and as rustic as natural stone. A bathtub can be a huge selling point.

  1. Barn door

Like tubs, doors come standard. The average upgrade involves scrubbing, painting and installing new hardware. Your bathroom door won’t make your home more memorable unless you take it to the next level by installing a barn door. Barn doors are continuing to trend-they are a beautiful, easy-to-install design piece and save space.

Wood is the most popular material to find barn doors in, hanging from dark iron tracks and hinges. For homeowners with a uniquely modern style, you can also find barn doors in all kinds of glass. Opaque or umber colours offer a contemporary edge to this extremely popular trend.

These doors and their hardwood can cost $900-$2200 each. If this sounds like too much money for too little impact, consider this: a sepshome report shows that homes with barn doors sell up to 13% above the asking price.

  1. Overall the sink with concrete

Laminate sinks are boring and don’t motivate buyers anymore. But if you are happy with the layout of your bathroom vanity, what can you do to give it an edge without replacing it?

With a concrete overlay and practically no limits. Some homeowners install concrete finishes for a raw, industrial fee while others use additives and pigments to create marbled or speckled finishes. You may feel a tad irresponsible slathering concrete all over your counter.

  1. Utilize vertical space for storage

Bathrooms aren’t known for their ample storage, but homeowners could always use more of it, and buyers are certainly looking for it. If you only have a single vanity cabinet, consider using vertical space. Walls offer lots of opportunities for functional décor. Consider adding floating or open shelves, which take up minimal space and are trending in, hone the design.

  1. Unique bathroom hardware and accessories to pull the look together

Are you ready for the finishing touch? Discover the range of bathroom hardware and accessories the greatly complement your bathroom décor. These unique details offer a fax fix with a decorative flair.

While shopping for bathroom accessories, you should focus on materials, forms, and finishes for your selection. The streamlined, basic shapes are considered to be the best for contemporary accents. Damask patterns are ideal for traditional or transitional schemes.

  1. Refreshing toilets and bidets for a spritz of luxury

It’s time to find a water-efficient toilet for water conservation and lower utility costs. If you are ensured about elongated and round seating, you should research or find Toronto bathroom renovation contractor to help you through. Once you’ve picked them up, they will install them step-by-step.

You should give the royal treatment to your throne with a bidet or a handheld want for a cleaner, hygienic lifestyle. You will feel the difference with a single spray!

Bottom line

Whatever you choose for your bathroom renovation in Toronto you should be prepared prior. From vanities to tiles, you’ve got what it takes for an incredibly breathtaking design. Don’t be afraid to experiment and bring in a unique feel inside.

For more inspiration and suggestions on bathroom remodelling in Toronto, feel free to contact Tavan Madar Design and Construction (TMDC) Group today!