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The month of August is almost passed and we are almost done with our Parklawn Road project. Parklawn project is a full …

Tips on Home renovation

As we all know home renovation can be a daunting task and no one laughs about it. Here are some tips on …

Bathroom Renovation has been an emerging area in the field of renovation since 2020 and it has been going toward open concept, …

Kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive and essential home improvement one can think of. Most people consider the kitchen as …

additions and garage renovations are becoming popular in Toronto. whether you renovate to add rooms, storage or in order to update the technology, its an investment worth to do!

Your home exterior’s elements interact with each other to act as a protective barrier. Beside home renovations like bathroom or kitchen remodeling, …

Smart kitchen Renovation has become popular in the past couple of years. Smart kitchens are not only comforting and functional but also cost effective and sustainable in saving energy!

Flooring Renovation

People choose to buy or stay in old homes because of the character they have. Renovation of these home is often necessary …

kitchen renovation is an expensive investment. Every homeowners would want to avoid any kind of mistake while remodeling a kitchen.

kitchen renovation can be exhausting and stressful but with hiring the right contractor you can reduce the potential hassles.

Bathroom remodeling is a popular project in Greater Toronto Area. Your Bathroom is where you want to relax and rejuvenate !

Renovation cost and budgeting can vary depends on many factors. Your project size, Design and the complexity of your renovation plan determine your cost.

With the rise of interest rates it may worth investing in your current home. Here are the latest renovation trends gaining popularity in Toronto.

finishing your basement can add value to your property and it improves the life quality. floor finishing is also an important topic in basement renovation

Complete home Renovation cost is a popular common question among homeowners who want to renovate their houses. Several factors that effect your renovation cost

Building or Renovating is an important question that cross minds in need of a change! we all want to make sure that we are making a good investment for both present situation and for our future.

Finding a reliable general contractor in the hot market of renovation in Toronto can be a challenging task. In this blog we are going to give you some hints regarding hiring contractors.

Full house renovation

Full home renovations need plans and everyone must make sure that has the checklist guide before entering to their renovation projects. Your house is your most valuable asset so you should make sure how your project gets done.

functionality and being aesthetically pleasing are two key points in kitchen renovation. functionality must be the priority while designing!

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and tips about how to stay on budget while you do bathroom renovation. Cost effective bathroom designs.

There are several questions that might come across our minds when we think about renovation and home improvement. Firstly, does renovation worth …

Basement Remodeling Guide

Basement remodeling and important factors to keep in mind while in process

Finish your Basement

If you have an unfinished basement, you may want to start finish it as soon as possible. A finished basement not only …

there are important questions to ask yourself before entering to remodeling process which help you to navigate your renovation journey

renovation and challenges

renovation and it's challenges is a major issue for every home owners which needs patience, cash and planning. inflation and supply chain delay impact these elements directly.

Renovation and budgeting are the main focus in this blog as staying on budget is the most challenging issue in process of renovating.

the most three important factors in home remodeling are contractor, budgeting and planning. An interior designer balances the taste and inspiration

basement renovation and solutions transform your basement to guest room, bar or home theatre. lighting types and mood for your design.

If you are in Toronto and in need of help for your home or bathroom renovation you should contact us. TMDC group …

bathroom renovation brings added value to your property and needs design plans as well as budgeting