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The month of August is almost passed and we are almost done with our Parklawn Road project. Parklawn project is a full condo renovation that took almost 5 months to be renovated. The unit is located in the 3rd floor of the 88 Parklawn Road with a nice green view. As a general contractor company in Toronto our main focus is to deliver the client’s need according to the latest standards. our designers are always try to meet the client expectation by special attention to details. Toronto’s condo market is evolving and condo renovations serve as a means to personalize and adapt living spaces, offering residents the chance of their living quality!

Latest condo renovation trends focus on open-concept layouts. It maximizes natural light, and integrating multifunctional furniture to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. The city’s vibrant condominium landscape often necessitates creative solutions to optimize limited space. Complying with building regulations while renovating a condo can be also challenging. As scope of work in this condo renovation, we can mention the bathroom, kitchen and flooring renovation.

Two Tone Blue and White Cabinets

Dual color blue and white cabinets to break up the monotone and give the space some character. They also pop against the light quartz backsplash and countertop. The shaker style cabinet doors have given a unique vibe to the modern atmosphere in the kitchen. The shaker style cabinets material is MDF. They can be painted in a multitude of colors, lending themselves to customization and modern design schemes.

The contrast of blue shaker style cabinetry with the herringbone luxury vinyl on the floor has created a distinctive vibe in the space. As the place has big windows this color combination has become light and airy. The luxury herringbone vinyl flooring offers an appealing combination of durability and functionality. It’s out of multiple layers, typically including a wear layer, a photographic layer that replicates the desired look (such as wood or stone).The core layer for stability, and sometimes an attached underlayment for sound insulation and comfort.

The Bathroom in our Condo Renovation

our client Anna was in need of more storage in her bathroom, we ordered a custom made cabinetry for her. We made the bathroom bigger and lighter as it was not that spacious by choosing light color tiling and cabinetry.

bathroom remodel Toronto
MDF cabinetry in bathroom renovation

We have chosen darker tiling for the flooring to create the contrast and the necessary transition between the shower tiling and the cabinetry.

the Orginal bathroom

The light MDF cabinetry has given a clean organic look to the bathroom and its combination with the shower tiling makes the space look bigger and airy.

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