Full Home Renovation

Ontario is the largest home renovation market in Canada, Moreover, Toronto has a very aging housing stock. This is Keeping renovation contractors engaged in multiple project in the area. Your home is your most important asset so when planning a renovation you must make sure how you organize the process. Research shows that people are more interested in remodeling their houses instead of buying new one and full house renovation is the solution. A good and reliable general or renovation contractor could walk you safely through this important process. A checklist is what anyone who thinks of renovation needs, in order to make sure they are in right track.

Managing a renovation, whether it is for a full house remodeling or just a bathroom, the best way to stay organized is with a home renovation checklist. Budgeting , who you hire and what you want from renovation even in the smallest project can turn into a nightmare without proper planning! here is a checklist to consider before entering to your remodeling projects.

The checklist and the guide before you enter to your full house renovation

  1. Budgeting your renovation
  2. what to look in a renovation contractor in Toronto
  3. Building permit
  4. what is the best season to renovate
  5. what type of renovation you want for your place
  6. design and plan

Today we walk you through the budgeting for your home renovation and what to look out for while choosing your contractor from the checklist.

Efficiency in your renovation plans helps your money go further in your project . There are many simple estimate online but as every renovation is unique to the need of customer , you should make sure to consider every details while asking foe quotes!

In order to putting together your renovation budget there are some factors to be consider

The current condition of your home

you must be realistic about the condition of your home. Are your current cooling and heating system sufficient? Does your electrical need to be upgraded in order to handle all your appliances? can those floor be rescued or they need complete change?

Tasks involved in your renovation like pluming , electricity etc…

Usually kitchen is the most expensive place to renovate because of cabinets, countertop, sinks and faucets. The second most expensive place is the bathroom because of pluming fixtures, shower, light, ventilation and flooring. If you have a complete overview of what you are doing then you can have your estimate more relevant to your real costs.

The size of renovation area

Size matters when you renovate. Eventually a small renovation like adding a walking closet to your bedroom cost less than an addition to your living area! Additions often need architectural design, permit, more building materials and more labour.

Cost of new fixtures

You should update yourself about the market trends and costs so you can choose accordingly to your needs and budget

Your Wishlist of change you want to make

This is where you dream and get more specifically in to design but you need to prioritize those wished in order to make them achievable and stay on budget.

After going through all the factors in the checklist above, now it is time to Get quote.

What to look out in Toronto Contractors?

Like we said, your home is your most important asset and you can not go wrong with choosing a contractor. We all want to get the most out of money we spend and we all look for the best deals but choosing the cheapest contractor is not necessarily cost you lest in your renovation project. An unlicensed and inexperienced contractor can cost you more than you are willing to save!

Open Schedule

Avoid hiring the contractor who has all the time in the world! Quality work has more demand and comes from reputation and ability to present past projects and testimonials. The time availability of a contractor could could speak of the quality of their work.

Avoid signing a contract without understanding it well

Take your time to read your contract carefully and understand what you commit to. If your renovation is complex seek for a legal professional to review the terms with you

Avoid beginning a renovation without a Toronto building permit

your construction can be delayed, work can be removed and additional fine and legal action can take place!

Avoid Contractors with no Bad or Good comments

Ask the renovator for references and ask questions as below

Did the renovator tret your home with respect?

Would they work with the renovator again?

Do the renovator has value for money?

Quote Range

to make sure your are getting the best contractor for your project, always collect few quotes before you choose so you can compare and decide. your contractor should be able to provide you with quotes according to your budget. In addition, when you request quotes make sure you ask for description of all finish items so you can make an informed decision.

In our next blogs we are going to discuss more factors and checklists required for full house renovation!