If you are in Toronto and in need of help for your home or bathroom renovation you should contact us. TMDC group remodeling experts provide you custom solutions and trends for your remodeling projects both for commercial and residential. We provide remodeling service for to most part of the GTA. From planning and design, through construction, TMDC Group offers complete renovation services tailored to your preferences.

We help by giving Ideas to keep your home Stylish and comfortable by incorporating some of the latest trends in remodeling.

The trend of work from home corners

Home office has been a massive trend because of the pandemic and it’s going to more mainstream in home remodeling in Toronto in upcoming years. One suitable option to locate your office is basement of your home, where you can work without any disruption. One of our expertise is in basement renovation. First we study the existing structural strength of your place then engineers can design changes according to your needs.

stylish kitchen and bathroom

We consider all works as equal importance, weather they are small projects like kitchen or bathroom makeovers or massive work such as entire home remodel. Do not underestimate power of a simple paint job or replacement of a countertop. Small changes can make a huge difference to your space. Our reliable contractors and Designers give you the ultimate plan for your project. Trend of airy space, ambles and exposed bath tubs in bathrooms as well as cabinet free kitchens are getting real attention everywhere.

Bathroom with exposed tub

As we have mentioned before, you can always search online in order to get updated about latest trends. In this blog we got inspired by the talented author and interior designer Eyeswoon her taste to create modern look with airy and calm vibe is unique.

Cabinet free kitchen

photo credit in this blog goes to eyeswoon