kitchen renovation and functionality

Kitchens are frequently described as homes’ focal points. Our kitchens are more than being a location for preparation and consumption of food! they are the main location for family and people to gather and share moments. Given how integral is the kitchen in our homes, being aesthetically pleasing and it’s functionality are really important. In process of kitchen renovation, incorporation of functionality along design is what makes your remodeling a unique experience!

Renovation and Functionality

There are two things to consider while renovating a kitchen, the functionality of the space and how to make it inspiring for the people who use it everyday! Depending on size of your family and your lifestyle, the usage of your kitchen is determined.

Island’s Fundction

If you live as a family with kids an island for your kitchen would serve you the best as it has became trendy for the past couple of years. A kitchen with Island makes your space looks airy and spacious. In addition, it’s a place to gather the family for mealtimes, also it is functional both for cooking and as desk for your kids for doing their HomeWorks. It gives you the chance to spend more time with your children and family while cooking. If you like the idea of gathering those people you love in your kitchen, make the island style your priority while remodeling your kitchen. If your space doesn’t let you to build in an island you may consider using a movable cart.

Minimal kitchen with Island


Lack of storage

you can create more storage in your kitchen by freeing up a valuable cabinet or a drawer utilizing creative solutions. Utensil holders, wall hooks for kitchen textiles and tools and pot racks helps you save more space!

Lack of counter space

If you prefer more minimal look for your kitchen and counter space try to design your appliances as built in style. you can use trays or cutting boards to keep items that stay out on the countertops organized. Install your microwave into an island or stash it away in a cabinet or a pantry. You can also cover any other small appliances that are not used everyday, inside your cabinetry.

Lack of task lighting

Sufficient light in the kitchen is essential and you can improve it by hanging pendant light, chandelier or under cabinet task lighting.

Sometimes changing paint color or hardware on your kitchen make a huge difference. In order to make your renovation functional you may need to change the layout of your kitchen or change the whole cabinetry. A reliable contractor who delivers your expectations right in time is all you need!