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Our Process

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Once hired, our goal is to learn about your design requirements and we’ll begin this phase by visiting the site to measure and photograph the property. We’ll present work from past projects to showcase best possible outcomes for both small and large scale projects.

You’ll sit down with our designer who will discuss the aesthetic you want to achieve, while also recommending design elements that will maximize the utility of the space. Along with the client, they’ll finalize various elements such as fixtures and materials that will be used in the project depending on the project budget.



During this step, we walk you through an initial plan for the construction or renovation project. This will outline the quote, deposit structure, timelines, and design needs by the client.

In the first phase of this step, we document all property and building conditions and identify zoning bylaw and building code issues that will influence the design and build process.

After identifying the plan and the zoning, we file and obtain all necessary permits to begin working on the project.



Once the design and plan has been approved by the client, we begin the construction or renovation process. Our team will consist of your TMDC contact, project designer, construction supervisor, and a team of dedicated workers.

Your TMDC contact and construction supervisor will be in constant communication, updating you about updates and progress.



In this step, your TMDC contact, alongside the supervisor, will give you a walk-through on the property and discuss the final results. At this point, any concerns that you may have can be brought up and answered diligently by our team.

We want you to be completely satisfied with the end result, and we’re more than willing to work with you to make sure you’re happy with the project results!


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