Bathroom renovation in Toronto

First thing comes to mind when we think about any kind of renovation is the cost and if we can find a reliable renovation contractor. For bathroom renovation, How long does the bathroom remodel takes to be done? Before trying to answer all these questions, we should make sure how we want our renovation to be done! in this blog we guide you through the renovation process and give you tips about small bathroom remodeling ideas.

All these questions’ answers depend on how you answer the question below:

Whether you want a quick solution to makeover your bathroom or are you game for a deep renovation?


First of all you should see how far is your actual bathroom from the ideal that you have in mind! the more gap you feel between your actual space and the one you have in mind the more you get in to trouble for your bathroom remodel. If you are not tearing down walls and making new layout which requires pluming, electrical work and demolition, then you can save up on your bathroom remodeling project both moneywise and timewise!


second step after you decide how in depth you would want to go with your renovation project, is to set your expectations and decide on your budget. Determine what you are changing and what will remain the same. budgeting can keep you stay in the right path when you choose your bathroom elements such as tiles ,Vanity and sink.


According to your budget and expectations you can choose a design close to your taste. Quality cabinetry, tubs and sink can make your bathroom feel luxurious and worth the investment.

Small Bathroom remodeling Ideas on a budget

Minor changes can transform your bathroom in to a whole new space. Clever bathroom storage, painting walls, installing a tub or shower cabin or chic tiles are all very effective actions that can completely renew the look of your bathroom. Another important element that can give a new look to your bathroom is your bathroom fixtures!

How much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom ?

A small bathroom renovation in Toronto under 50 square feet can cost from 5000$ to 15000$ including complete renewal of appliances, fixtures, flooring and paint. Timewise you should be able to finish your small bathroom remodel within 3 to 7 weeks depend on the changes you make to your bathroom!

Mounted Toilette

Few Ideas about Small Bathroom remodeling

If you are not planning to change the layout of your bathroom, here are some tips to easily remodel your bathroom.


By painting cabinetry you can achieve the desirable change but keep in mind that choosing neutral color helps you to choose your accessories easier. In addition if your bathroom is not that spacious neutral colors make it look bigger and give it an airy vibe!

white is a classic choice because it is clean and gives you fresh look. Darker colors like blue and green are bolder and add richness to your space. in addition, lighter colors elevate the mood. Sometimes painting walls a lone can make a huge change to your bathroom if your fixtures are not too old.


Lighting has a dominant role in small spaces. If your bathroom has window allow plenty of natural light in, in order to have airy and light vibe! Mirrors also help to create the illusion of space and also try to install mounted vanity and wall units to save some façade in your precious flooring.

Use your walls wisely

Carve out a space in your shower walls to place your shampoos and conditioner bottles.

carved wall in renovated bathroom

Smart Shelving

Built in shelves don’t take up your space and you can easily use them as storage with adding some baskets to them as well. Think of wooden shelves as they give you natural organic look. Storage ladder also can be used for your towels and save you up some space! Installing an over door shelf or over the toilette shelves can help you get the most out of your space to stock your towels or personal products.

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