smart sustainable kitchen renovation

In recent years, smart features and sustainability trend have become increasingly popular in kitchen renovations in Toronto. These innovative technologies make cooking and food preparation more efficient and convenient. One of the most popular smart features is voice-activated control. It allows homeowners to control their kitchen appliances with voice commands. This includes everything from turning on the oven to setting the temperature of the refrigerator. Smart appliances also have the ability to learn a homeowner’s cooking habits. they make adjustments automatically to achieve the best possible results. For instance, a smart oven can detect when a dish is done and automatically turn off the heat to prevent overcooking.

Smart lighting in Kitchen remodeling

Another popular smart feature in kitchen renovations in Toronto is smart lighting. This technology allows homeowners to adjust the lighting in their kitchen using their smartphone or voice commands. Smart lighting can work automatically when someone enters the room or turn off when the room is empty. Aside from the convenience it adds, also helps to save energy and reduce utility costs. Additionally, some smart lighting systems have color-changing capabilities. This allows homeowners to create different moods and atmospheres in their kitchen. Overall, smart features in kitchen renovations offer a wide range of benefits, from increased convenience to energy efficiency and improved cooking results.

Lighting as Artistic creation in home renovation

Light fixtures are now used for more than just lighting in smart kitchen renovations. They set the tone and serve as the room’s focal point this year. Make a bold choice by opting for lighting fixtures that are brimming with personality. Use a variety of materials or choose metals like gold and bronze.

The light fixture should serve as the room’s main point and serve as an inspiration for the rest of the décor. It should be installed above the island. Option for a single suspension fixture rather than many suspension fixtures. You can always add another lighting source, like pot lights, to complete the space if necessary

The urge to help the planet by using environmentally friendly product, the increased buying power of eco-conscious millennial and Generation z are probably the reason that 92 percent of of Houzz survey respondents report incorporating sustainable features in their kitchen remodels.

Many sustainable kitchen renovation options include LED bulbs which means the usage of energy efficient task lighting to the space. For example illuminating countertops shadowed by the wall cabinets or shelves above them. LEDs can also tie into circadian lighting system letting kitchen visitors enjoy energizing light in the morning and more relaxing light in the evening

LEDs lighting in kitchen renovation

The usage of circadian lighting system as an smart feature in Kitchen renovation

Circadian lighting is a type of lighting system that mimics natural light patterns and promote healthy circadian rhythms in humans. Circadian rhythms are the natural cycles that regulate various bodily processes such as sleep, digestion, and hormone production. These rhythms are under the influence of exposure to natural light, which helps to regulate the body’s internal clock.

Circadian lighting systems work by adjusting the color temperature and intensity of artificial light throughout the day to mimic the natural light patterns of the sun. For example, in the morning, the lighting system may emit a cool, blue-white light to simulate the sunrise and help promote alertness and energy. Later in the day, the system may shift to a warmer, orange-toned light to simulate sunset and promote relaxation and rest.

Smart Appliances in kitchen Renovation

The usage of energy efficient appliances not only lower energy use and cost, but upgrading to new models often means enhanced wellness features too. cooking examples include safer, easier to clean steam oven.  Refrigeration examples include produce preservation technology to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer. Cleaning examples include sanitization features, smart detergent dispense for using just the right amount, and the functionality and convenience of phone alerts or operation.

Smart Faucet

Choosing water efficient fixtures faucets with high-tech features such as touch only/touch free activation not only helps them cut their consumption, but also potentially reduce germ spread and it is especially helpful during cold and flu season.

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