Cottage Renovation


Complete Cottage renovation

Location: Brechin, Ontario

Type: Complete Cottage Renovation


  • Complete renovation of waterfront cottage in Brechin, Ontario
  • Redesigned floor plan to maximize space and functionality
  • New roof with two added skylights for increased natural light
  • Exterior was updated with new plywood and vinyl siding
  • Interior walls insulated with spray foam for optimal energy efficiency and comfort
  • Two new decks built for lakeside and roadside
  • Updated subfloor and flooring throughout
  • Brand new bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom with modern finishes and classic cottage charm
  • New furnace and electrical panels installed for reliable year-round use.

Before and During Renovation:

Project Overview:

Located in Brechin, Ontario, this waterfront cottage underwent a complete renovation by TMDC Group, resulting in a modern and functional space that takes full advantage of the surrounding natural beauty. The renovation involved a brand new floor plan, with a focus on maximizing space and optimizing functionality.

The exterior of the cottage was also updated with a new roof featuring two added skylights, new plywood exterior, and vinyl siding. The interior walls were insulated with spray foam to ensure optimal energy efficiency and comfort, while a new furnace and electrical panels were installed to provide reliable and efficient heating and electrical service.

The team also built two new decks, one for lakeside and one for roadside, providing ample outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining.

Inside the cottage, the renovation included updating the subfloor and flooring, and creating a brand new bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom that combine modern design elements with classic cottage charm. The skylights added during the renovation bring in plenty of natural light, enhancing the overall sense of space and openness in the cottage.

The result is a stunning waterfront retreat that offers all the amenities of modern living while retaining the charm and character of a classic cottage. The new floor plan, modern finishes, and energy-efficient features make this cottage a true gem, perfect for year-round enjoyment.