TMDC group Kitchen Remodel with white subway tiles hardwood flooring and pot filler

Planning a kitchen remodel in Toronto?

Ask these five questions when hiring a contractor.

Kitchens are a place of sustenance and sociability. Food, family, and friends mingle to create a winning combination. So it makes perfect sense that remodels are so often geared toward the kitchen. What about thinking of your kitchen in the long-term sense, in terms of investment and return? Will your kitchen remodel in Toronto be a positive contribution to your home’s value or will they erode value?

It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. You deserve to have a kitchen that you love. This room is where you spend time with family and friends, so it is a great investment to renovate this part of your Toronto home!

To maximize the financial return on your kitchen remodel in Toronto, keep the basic in mind and avoid trends. Trends are fun, but buyers are more informed than ever and place greater importance on solid elements like counters, cabinets, and good lighting.

As you are preparing for kitchen renovations, you must choose an experienced contractor to help with the project. The quality of the contractor will impact the results that you receive.

Instead of choosing the first company that you find, do some research to learn about each contractor’s reputation, then schedule a consultation so that you can ask a few questions regarding your renovation plans.

Important questions to ask your contractor

Here are five most important questions that you should always ask your renovation contractor:

  1. Do you have current licensing and insurance?

Ask to see this documentation so that you can be sure you are hiring a real company. Checking on these details will decrease the risk that you might be liable if something goes wrong with the renovation. Never make the mistake of hiring a handyman who doesn’t have the right training and licensing.

  1. What is your experience in the industry?

It is important that you choose the contractor with the relevant experience in the industry. Picking someone who is trying to break into industry might save you a little money. But, you will sacrifice the top-notch results that you desire. Nothing can replace the value of hands-on experience from other similar projects. When you are talking about their experience, ask about length of time that they have working in the business.

  1. What is the anticipated timeline for completion?

There is nothing worse than starting a renovation project, only to have every detail drag on for months and months. Before the work commences, you should have a clear timeline of when the renovation contractor will begin and end the project. Keep in mind that things can affect the schedule. But, you need to have a general understanding of the time frame when you are setting started.

  1. How can I get in touch with you?

It is normal to have questions that come up when you are working with a contractor. Make sure that you have the direct contact information so that these questions can be answered they arise. For example, you should have the phone number for your project manager to discuss concerns, instead of routing all of your questions through the office support staff.

  1. Do you offer the warranty of the work?

The hope is that the work will be completed in a quality manner. But, you need the peace of mind to know that things will be fixed if something goes wrong. Ask about the warranty, and keep this information in writing in case you need the documentation in the future.

At Tavan Madar Design and Construction Group, we are here to help with your kitchen remodeling in Toronto. If you are looking for a kitchen renovation contractor in Toronto, Ontario please feel free to contact us to get a free quote!