How would you decide on your next renovation? There are various factors to keep in mind while renovating in a project. In addition to Budgeting and accessibility, there are more factors to point out which affect your decision making.

Style and Character

Searching for the latest trends as well as being aware of what style is a good match to your taste and your home are basic while renovating. Classic, Contemporary and modern styles are the three main categories that influence your design in renovation process furthermore Incorporating one of the styles with complete contrast to the rest of project can make the renovation look playful and smart. A modern bathroom style in a classic house can be a great example.

Modern bathroom with classic vibe

Green thinking

Sustainability is a popular trend that everyone should embrace it these days.

Style, budget and availability are elements that can limit you through the process though. Carbon-natural and crafted recycled materials are good example of products that nature lovers could engage while designing. The trend to greenwashing of yesterday.

These lightings are from zero plastic materials

plastic free/ acoustic light

Another example of eco-friendly product is sustainable flooring that one can have here in Toronto.

Naturally inspired

Nature is another element that is influencing most of designs recently!

Natural inspired designs add warmth and calm to your bathroom and kitchen equally Organic shapes and architecture can uplift design and mood of your space being remodeled.

nature inspired sink design

Futuristic Trends

high tech bathrooms are getting high attentions too.

Aside from automatic toilettes, smart showers are having a big moment. Moreover, Built in blue tooth speakers are in style. We can also mention voice activated lighting and temperatures as futuristic trends. You can think of such elements in your next bathroom style.

smart shower

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on your next bathroom style our contractors can Help you remodel it.

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