Kitchen Remodeling

There are several factors which are the most important when it comes to kitchen remodeling. The kitchen is the heart of our home and the place for togetherness. A good kitchen must be beautiful but functional and comfortable as well.


The first step to designing or renovating kitchens is to plan and determine your budget, so you would be able to question yourself about what is necessary for you to have in your kitchen and how much you.

Would able to spend on it!

Avoid extra Steps

Try to imagine the functionality of your space. For Example

Design your Foils, Plastic wraps’ cabinet next to your working table or your plates and cutlery’s drawer near your counter or dining table to eliminate to wander while cooking.


review your floor plan and make sure you place your kitchen appliance in an order, they are reachable and easy to use for everyone who might take part in cooking. like the standard height for the microwave or oven.

When you design your kitchen plan, its important to consider standard clearance for fridge, oven, cooktops and sinks. Make sure the sink has at least 24 inches of counter space on one side and 18 inches on the other!

Cabinet clearance planning is important as well. Make sure your cabinets and appliance’s doors are functional. Do not locate your appliances in corners when designing your kitchen and make sure the do not bang into each other’s doors when opening at the same time!

Right choice of colors

Avoid choosing dark colors specially for small spaces. Dark colors are less welcoming and can shrink your

Space if it is already small. Although light yellow and blue colors can enlighten your space and make it look warm and spacious

Involve Gadgets and Technology

Make your kitchen modern as you remodel your space, like incorporating smart trash can, Alexa or Smart lighting in order to transform your kitchen to a convenient place! Invest in recycling and compost beans that can be hidden in order to be environmentally friendly and easy cleaning.

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