Following our previous blog regarding home renovation, In this blog we are going to expand our checklist about remodeling process by focusing on budgeting . In the last blog we mentioned the importance of a contractor and key elements in remodeling. Today we are going to talk about budgeting which is the most challenging issue .

Aside from choosing a reliable contractor and consulting with an interior designer to make sure we keep the balance in the journey of home renovation, staying on budget is another important issue to deal with.

Budgeting and cost cut in process of renovation

Home renovation cost can add up quickly. Set a firm budget for your project and do not stray from it.The checklist below helps you not going overbudget.

Increase the efficiency not size Sometimes minor changes in your kitchen like upgrading appliances is all you need. Search for appliance deals. Blowing out walls is not necessary all the time and costs you more!

Consult and architect An architect or a designer can give you solutions to avoid extensive demolishing.

Remodeling in the same layout

Buy from Auction or Recycle centers to cut some costs You can find fixtures and lightly used materials less expensive price so you save up some money while renovating.Take the time to shop a head of time so you get better deals .

Set up a temporary space have a functioning space as a back up always help when you are remodeling. For example if you are renovating your main floor along with your kitchen and bathroom try to set up a temporary kitchen and bathroom in your basement.

Refinish instead of replace helps you stay on budget An easy way to save money is to refinish your bathroom and kitchen. For instance you can refinish your bathtub instead of replacing it also painting your cabinet you changing fixtures can change the mood of your kitchen if you are happy with your layout of your kitchen or bathroom.

Avoid changing the layout of your floor plan because extra pluming and electrical work would cost your more !

Open space Merging your rooms and removing some walls can give your space a total new look and vibe! another way to change the look of a space is to refurbish the furniture.

In our next blog we are going to focus on more details about full home renovation.