Buying a home in a condition which needs renovation can save you up money. It also gives you the opportunity to customize your space according to your needs but it can be challenging as well. Shortages in labor and supply chain’s delay are some of the challenges you face while renovating these days. Thinking ahead of time, Money and patience are the keys if you are about to renovate your house.

Patience is a must in home renovation Budgeting, weekly meeting with contractors and architects plus choosing materials are time consuming and challenging. Renovating today is different than past because supply chain delays and labor shortage make the process slower than before. Flexibility is what you need along with patience!

Money Once all the above mentioned steps are considered then cash becomes a challenge in process of renovation that most home owners face. Raw materials and costs are increasing according to inflation. furthermore cash becomes a challenging issue that is why thinking a head of time can save you up some money.

Thinking a head of time Planning is a pillar in renovation process. Contractors are not able to order materials as work progress. Due to delivery delays and costs increase, it is better to have all the materials before the project starts. Minor makeovers have become more challenging and take twice as much time as before!

Having all materials delivered even before demolition is a right thing to do

The price gap between renovated and unrenovated properties are widening

The price gap between renovated and unrenovated houses is the result of labor shortage and supply chain delays that make renovations so expensive!

There are fundamental questions you should ask yourself before entering the renovation process. In our next blog we are going to discuss those questions!